TRICARE HealthCare Services

TRICARE HealthCare Services (HCS) is a division of InStil Health Insurance Company. HCS is subcontracted by Humana Military Healthcare Services to administer the TRICARE program in the state of South Carolina. As the subcontractor, HCS is responsible for operating the state's TRICARE contract offices , establishing a network of providers and facilities, and credentialing these providers and facilities. HCS consists of a Market Office with five contract offices, a Network Development department, and a Provider Credentials department. The Network Development and Credentialing departments are accredited by URAC with a health network accreditation.

The contract offices are located throughout the state in designated beneficiary plan areas. They support Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) at Shaw Air Force Base, Fort Jackson, Naval Hospital Beaufort, and the Naval Health Clinic and Air Force Base in Charleston. 

Each contract office is responsible for providing beneficiary services support such as education on the TRICARE program, enrollment issues, claims concerns, and questions about referrals and authorizations for care. Each office has a staff member who is responsible for working with local providers to resolve their concerns, recruit new network providers, and maintain the local TRICARE network.

The Network Administration department is responsible for networking providers throughout the state of South Carolina.

The Credentialing department is responsible for establishing and maintaining processes to credential providers and facilities that want to join the state's TRICARE network and re-credentialing providers who are already in the network.