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Celerian Group: New Name Marks Expanded Mission

Five companies that have long served the federal government are uniting under a new brand. The group of companies, known as Celerian Group, will branch out to the private sector in this era of health care reform.

"We’ve developed this brand to better position the business process outsourcing services these five companies collectively can offer private health plans in addition to their traditional government contracts business," said Bruce Hughes, president of Celerian Group.

"The companies – CGS Administrators, InStil Health, Palmetto GBA, PGBA and TrailBlazer Health Enterprises – will continue to operate as individual companies and retain their names but they’ll be marketed together as Celerian Group," Hughes said. "Each company’s logo has been updated to complement the new Celerian Group logo."

Hughes said Celerian is a combination of the Latin roots celer (meaning swift) and ian (meaning experience). Together, Celerian means "expertise in action," an apt description that captures the essence of the affiliate companies.

Celerian Group companies employ more than 5,000 people. The companies provide expertise and services in specialties such as high-volume claims and transaction processing, contact center operations and technological connectivity.

"Given the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, the health plan market is in need of partners that can respond to new market conditions and regulatory demands in a way that’s both agile and dependable," Hughes said. "Celerian Group-affiliated companies can come together under this shared brand to showcase their respective areas of expertise to respond to emerging program administration needs."

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About Celerian Group

Celerian Group is a consortium of business process outsourcing companies that helps federal and state government agencies as well as private health care plans administer health care programs. The group comprises five companies with more than 45 years of experience in programs administration: CGS Administrators, InStil Health, Palmetto GBA, PGBA and TrailBlazer Health Enterprises.

Release Date: 03/11/2013